March 19th, 2019

Rebecca Kennedy Posture

Being Functional: Posture

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In a society filled with distractions, there’s a powerful solace in slowing down and focusing on something simple. Whether it’s a weekend at the cottage or a twenty-minute lunch hour meditation session, getting back to the basics is a valuable exercise for both body and mind.

When it comes to fitness and physical health, that focus on the basics is just as essential. If you’re looking for a tangible focal point in your quest to affect positive change, why not start with your posture?

After all, posture is something we carry with us on a daily basis but rarely acknowledge. Simply by working to sit a little straighter, you can incorporate good practices into your everyday life and substantially transform your overall well-being.

The crux of our approach to functional fitness is that proper posture and the economy of movement play a central role in helping your body run efficiently. If the spine and bone structure of your body is misaligned, it impacts your nervous system. From that point, there isn’t a single body system that won’t be affected.

When your internal wiring gets messed up, it’s tantamount to a kink in your vacuum’s hose that keeps you from getting the suction you desire. But where your body is concerned, the outcome can be far more serious than a dirty living room floor.

Evolve exists to empower people like you to become better aligned so you can perform better in all the activities you love to do in life. The program is focused on structurally helping you get straighter while making sure you fire the right muscles during movement. That allows your body to function more effectively, improving the way you feel – inside and out.

Normalizing the communication between your body and nervous system will improve your blood and oxygen circulation and boost your immune system. At a more basic level, good posture will help you feel more taller, more aligned, and more balanced – giving you confidence and help you effect positive behavioural changes.

When you get right down to it, the simple things are the ones that matter most. So next time you feel the pull of gravity or catch yourself hunching your shoulders, here’s the best way to complement the rest of your Evolve program by sitting up straighter.

It starts from the ground up:

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees at hip height or slightly below.
  2. Make sure your hips are pushed back into the chair.
  3. Hold your sternum high.
  4. Keep your shoulders back, squeezing down and together.
  5. Fix your gaze straight ahead.

Proper posture is where efficient movement starts and finishes, so sitting up straight will give you a strong foundation for exercise. Most importantly, improving your posture will give you the freedom to move the way you were built to move.

For more great exercises and tips about posture, check out Part One and Part Two of the Postural Perspective, a series written by Evolve trainer Brent Bishop.