August 25th, 2019

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When it comes to health, water tops the podium. It’s the hero you didn’t know you had in you. In every sense, water keeps us running. It cycles through our cells and tissues, transporting nutrients and clearing out waste. It regulates body temperature, cushions joints and internal organs, and keeps the digestive system ...


Evolve Functional Fitness Partners with Rugby Canada

Rugby Canada and Evolve Functional Fitness Embark on Innovative Digital Content Partnership EVOLVE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS is proud to announce an innovative new partnership with Rugby Canada.  As the “Official Fitness Partner of Rugby Canada,” the agreement will see Evolve Functional Fitness provide the Rugby Canada ...

Brent Gait

Own Your Gait

Your identity is imprinted in the way you move. For athletes, footsteps pack more impact than fingerprints. When you walk or run, the movement of your limbs defines your gait. No two runners follow the same patterns of motion. Your individuality is encoded in your speed, the length of each step, the way you hold your head ...

how to pull strength calisthenics body weight only

The Pull

We’re constantly pushing ourselves: to try again, move faster, go farther. But every action has an equal, opposite counterpart. If you want to build balanced, functional strength, you can’t just push - you also have to pull. The pull is all about forward motion. It propels Olympic swimmers to the finish line and ...

what is core strength

Core- At the center of it all

It’s no surprise that the core is at the center of our movement.  Whether you’re swinging a baseball bat, pedalling a bike or even laughing at a friend’s joke, every action you take either originates from the core or moves through it. If your core muscles are weak, it has a ripple effect on every other muscle group ...


Video: Quick Push-Up Workout


The Push

The push is one of our most common movement patterns, and for good reason. It doesn’t just enable us to exert force - it literally opens doors. If you push yourself hard enough, the movement will empower you to transform yourself and change the world around you. You use the push every time you exert force to move an object ...