August 25th, 2019

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Soul of Shinny

To celebrate winter, Evolve wanted to explore movement during the snowy months.  We landed on a unique aspect of Canadian culture - shinny hockey. It was around this time that two companies, Tim Hortons and the MLSE Foundation, contributed money to the city of Toronto to keep twelve rinks open until March 22nd.  They ...


Video: Hack your morning

Our friends at Harry's challenged us to find a way to include exercise into your morning without disrupting your routine. We accepted the ...


Video: Makeba’s Journey, Part Two

Everyone has a reason to Evolve. If you commit to change, you can transform your life. Watch the video below for Part Two of Makeba's journey. To participate in our testimonial series, write to us at team@evolvefunctionalfitness.com. Watch Part One of Makeba's ...


Q&A with CJ Koegel

Have you ever wanted to get to know our trainers better? Watch this video to hear Evolve trainer CJ Koegel speak candidly about nutrition, working out and finding the motivation to get ...

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Evolve Your Music: Cottage Edition


The List

When it comes to health and fitness, every day brings a new source of motivation - and the Internet is full of ideas. From barefoot running to human pyramids and push-ups on water, here’s what’s inspiring us this week:  1. Fitness as a Lifelong Practice (Greatist) We think of yoga as a lifelong practice. Why not ...


Evolve Your Music: Country Moves