August 25th, 2019

what is core strength

Core- At the center of it all

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It’s no surprise that the core is at the center of our movement.  Whether you’re swinging a baseball bat, pedalling a bike or even laughing at a friend’s joke, every action you take either originates from the core or moves through it.

If your core muscles are weak, it has a ripple effect on every other muscle group and every move you make. That vulnerability compromises the function of your limbs and the coordination of your upper and lower body.The stronger your core muscles, the more efficiently they can transfer force to and from your body’s extremities. That allows you to perform movements more quickly and smoothly, improving your athletic performance.  Core stability is just as important as core strength. Stabilizing the muscles deep in your abdomen helps you maintain good posture, protecting your spine from unnecessary pressure and stress during movement.

Your core doesn’t just help you move. It’s also home to your internal organs and your central nervous system. Strong core muscles cushion and protect those valuable assets. Needless to say, they’re worthy of more than a little respect.

When you build a house, you start with the foundation. And if the body is a temple, then it’s rooted in the core. Build strength there, and everything else will follow.

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