August 25th, 2019


Eat honey, boost your workout performance

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The buzz around sugar has been pretty negative lately, but that hasn’t hindered the honeybees’ spirits. Tirelessly foraging for pollen in urban rooftop gardens and country meadows, they’re the epitome of productivity. And studies show the sweet honey they work so hard to provide can help boost your productivity too.

There are plenty of reasons to watch your sugar consumption, including well-established ties to diabetes and obesity. But when we’re in motion, sugar has a different impact on our bodies. During exercise, carbohydrates like sucrose and fructose become our primary source of energy. Our bodies convert all the sugars we consume into glucose, the simplest carbohydrate, which travels through the bloodstream and is converted to energy by our cells. The more intense the activity, the more important carbohydrates like glucose become.

With roughly 21 calories and six grams of sugar in a single teaspoon, honey is densely packed with energy-boosting carbs – including a high concentration of simple sugars like glucose. That makes it the perfect source of fuel for your fitness regime. Whether you’re cycling, running, or practicing aerobics, studies suggest consuming honey before a strenuous workout will give you a serious performance boost.

Honey boasts a unique medley of sugars that are metabolized at different rates. The resulting “time-release” effect keeps your blood sugar more stable than other refined sugars, helping you maintain consistent energy levels so you don’t crash. That benefit extends for several hours after physical activity, helping speed up your muscles’ post-workout recovery.

If you plan to exercise for an extended period of time, consuming honey during your workout can help you maintain your energy levels for even longer. To make the most of those benefits, make your own sports drink by mixing a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt into every cup of water. You can also use honey as a binding agent in homemade granola bars for a post-workout snack.

Honey doesn’t just taste good – it also improves your performance results. So go ahead and add a little honey to your exercise diet. It’ll make your workout that much sweeter.