July 20th, 2019

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Boost your iron intake with steak

When summer hits, few carnivores among us can resist the urge to fire up the grill and get a slab of steak sizzling over the coals. Over the years, red meat’s fat content has made it the target of a heated nutritional debate. But there are plenty of reasons to keep steak on your menu - as long as you ...

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We’re EVOLVE-ing with Evolve 2.0!

We are excited to announce the release of Evolve 2.0! With loads of new features, here are the top 3 that are sure to help you attain the results you want! 1. Personalized 60 Day Plans to help you commit to the results you want. Now you have the option to choose a shorter workout plan for ...


Video: Steak and Salad


Video: Makeba’s Journey, Part Two

Everyone has a reason to Evolve. If you commit to change, you can transform your life. Watch the video below for Part Two of Makeba's journey. To participate in our testimonial series, write to us at team@evolvefunctionalfitness.com. Watch Part One of Makeba's ...


Video: Q&A wth CJ, Part One


Video: Makeba’s Journey, Part One


Recipe: Poached Eggs and Avocado on Rye

Carbohydrates, good fats and protein are great building blocks for an energizing morning meal. This recipe's wholesome rye bread, nutrient-rich avocado and soft poached eggs make for a satisfyingly quick and balanced breakfast. Gather your ingredients: 4 eggs (2 per person) 1 avocado 4 slices ...